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Artist Riff: Mark Holcomb of Periphery Plays ‘Make Total Destroy’

July 31st, 2012

[Mark’s Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci Signature Model 7-string guitar is tuned to Drop-Ab.
Low to high: Ab Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.] 


Make Total Destroy Second Verse Riff (1:01 – 1:31)

I have this warm-up technique I do every once in a while before we play. It’s a six-note grouping and it’s just a series of hammer-on’s from open strings. I do that over and over again to limber up my fingers and I made a riff around this technique.

I also like to use a lot of open strings in riffs to add a little bit of a dynamic feel to them. The ending is just 3-note pull-offs to open strings and for the little tapping bit you’re basically just tapping in the same shape, just on different parts of the neck. Pretty simple, really!


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Periphery - Mark Holcomb - Make Total Destroy


[Special thanks to Peter Boyle for his top-notch transcription work!]