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The Black Dahlia Murder: Ryan Knight – Emin7 Lick

July 27th, 2013

 [Ryan’s Ibanez FR custom shop guitar is tuned down 2 whole steps to C Standard: C F Bb Eb G C]

The following lick is based on an Emin7 arpeggio. Thought of in the key of D major and played over an A7 chord, the resulting sound has an A7sus4 flavor. The lick could also be played over an Emin6 chord for a Dorian sound.

The Black Dahlia Murder - Ryan Knight - Emin7 Lick 1

In this variation on the above lick, Ryan more explicitly resolves the Emin7 line to an A dominant sound. Starting on the fourth beat of the second measure, he shifts to an A minor blues scale, making sure to also include a C#, the third degree of A7.

The Black Dahlia Murder - Ryan Knight - Emin7 Lick 2

[Special thanks to Ben Mayer for his excellent camera work and last minute help, Peter Boyle for his impeccable transcription work, and Josh Hofmann for his assistance with this video shoot.]

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