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Dave Martone Masterclass

January 17th, 2009

In this Masterclass, instrumental rock and fusion virtuoso Dave Martone demonstrates his unique approach to two of his favorite techniques: tapping and hybrid picking. He also teaches part of ‘Nail Grinder’ from his latest album, Clean, which features a guest solo from Joe Satriani. Be sure to check out Dave’s video below to catch the techniques and nuances involved in performing these examples. Also check out’s exclusive interview with Dave Martone!

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Ex. 1A

Here Dave uses a D# Locrian fingering to demonstrate one of his favorite tapping patterns: Low-High-Low-Mid-High-Mid. Make sure you have both the scale and tapping pattern under your fingers before tackling the last two examples.

1 - A

Ex. 1B

1 - B

Ex. 1C

1 - C

Ex. 1D

1 - D

Ex. 2A-B

Dave brings his tapping approach to several octaves of diagonal A Major arpeggios.


Ex. 2C

2 - C

Ex. 2D

2 - D

Ex. 2E

2 - E

Ex. 2F

2 - F

Ex. 3A

3 - B

Ex. 3B

Here the Low-High-Low-Mid-High-Mid pattern is applied to a D Major 7th arpeggio.

3 - C

Ex. 4A

4 - A

Ex. 4B

Tune your low E string down to D for the hybrid-picked main riff to ‘Nail Grinder.’

4 - B

Ex. 4C

4 - C

Ex. 5A

Dave uses hybrid picking to add color to an E Minor Pentatonic and an E Mixolydian scale.

5 - A

Ex. 5B

5 - B

Ex. 5C

5 - C

Ex. 5D

5 - D

Ex. 5E

5 - E