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The Faceless: Wes Hauch Masterclass

July 31st, 2012

[Wes’ guitar is tuned down a whole step for all examples in this Masterclass: D G C F A D

E Minor Lick

In this example, Wes plays a lick in the key of E minor, demonstrating his tasteful approach to phrasing and melodic note choice. Be sure to check out the varying rhythmic groupings found within the line, as well as the inclusion of the raised 7th degree from the Harmonic Minor scale and the strategically placed chromatic passing tones.

Wes Hauch Lick 1

Mile Zero (Periphery) Solo Excerpt

Wes on his solo for Periphery’s “Mile Zero” from their album Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal:

“I recorded it with my friend Bali Harko (Ted Harkins), a tasty little Swede with white hot licks, godlike musical prowess that you would expect from a swede, and a penchant for saying stuff like “Ohhh maaaahhnnn” and it being funnier than it should be because of his accent. The guitar was my Bernie Rico Jr. 727 (A440) through Ted’s [Fractal] AxeFx Ultra. I have a Tremol-No on the Rico totally blocking and deadening the trem as a hard tail, so I didn’t use the bar for anything.

The last lick that everyone thinks is either a [Digitech] Whammy Pedal (don’t own one) or harmonics (that would be gnarly) is just a little descending sequence starting on the 27th fret (which is a high G when tuned to A440). The little chord vamp is basically Cmaj7 to Amin7 with some extensions that vary. [/dorkymusicstuff]”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Wes Hauch - Mile Zero Solo (Periphery)

[Special thanks to Chris Robinson for his excellent camera work, Alon Mei-Tal for his spot-on transcriptions, and Chris Thomas for helping us out with camera gear on short notice!]

  • cdmolenaar

    Wouldn’t that first lick be D minor since he’s tuned down a whole step? And wouldn’t everything else need to be moved also?

    On another note, it’s awesome seeing this site finally getting updated again!

    • James

      For The Minor lick yes. it is technically D. but, if you put those tabs on a standard tuned guitar it is in Mile Zero’s key. hope that helps!

    • @cdmolenaar: While you are technically right, from my experience I feel like most guitarists ‘think’ of the fretboard in standard tuning, even if they’re tuned down. Instinctively, if I were starting to play an E minor lick starting on the root on the sixth string, I’d go right up to the 12th fret (or open position), rather than re-thinking the whole fretboard to compensate for the tuning. You know what I mean?

      Thanks for your support! Lots of new updates coming up soon :)

      • kevin

        I agree, i do exactly the same think, its easier to think the scales that way

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