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Friend For A Foe Release Debut Song!

August 16th, 2010

Washington DC based progressive metal group Friend For A Foe just released their debut song called “Niacin”.  Niacin will be on an upcoming 6 song EP expected to be out in the fall. For a free download visit

Friend For A Foe

“Washington DC’s Friend For A Foe (FFaF) began as a one-man band, gaining attention since 2004. After a lengthy nationwide search, FFaF is now established as a full-fledged band consisting of talented musicians who are making big strides in the underground metal music scene and taking the nation by storm.

FFaF’s band members share the common thread of capturing the trials and tribulations of everyday life in their writing and instrumentation and do so with absolute perfection. Featuring top-notch production, heavy, bone-jarring riffs with 7 and 8-string guitars, precision drumming, dissonant yet beautiful melodic intricacies, and haunting lyrics by their unconventional vocal duo, FFaF will continue to push the boundaries of metal music and make a name for themselves in the US and abroad.

Beauty coalesced with brutality. This is what metal is all about … So abrasive you’ll need to catch your breath.”

Friend For  A Foe is:

Chris Purvis – Guitars, Production
Tony Marshall – Guitars
Jason Novalis – Drums
Benjamin Guarino – Vocals, Artwork
Chris Barretto – Vocals

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