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HAUNTED SHORES Releases ‘Terra Firma’ With Vocals

January 31st, 2011

Haunted Shores by Haunted Shores

In anticipation of the release of their full-length debut, Washington, DC-based Haunted Shores has released their latest song ‘Terra Firma,’ a re-working of the song ‘Oslo’ featuring vocals by Mike Semesky of Vestascension and Rest Among Ruins. ‘Terra Firma’ is available to stream and download from their official SoundCloud, embedded above.

Stay tuned for the first part of Guitar Messenger’s Masterclass with Haunted Shores’ Mark Holcomb, arriving later this week. Each half of the masterclass will include an exclusive new track for fans to download, along with tabs and performance notes for the examples in the Masterclass. A trailer for the Masterlcass series can be viewed above.

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