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Norwegian Guitar Virtuoso JARLE H. OLSEN Releases QUADRASONIC

May 14th, 2011

Jarle H. Olsen - Quadrasonic

Norwegian virtuoso Jarle H. Olsen has just released his full-length debut Quadrasonic, the follow-up to his acclaimed instrumental release JHO. The album serves to showcase his formidable talent as both a guitarist and a composer of melodic progressive metal. Keyboardist Alex Argento appears throughout the album to flesh out the music’s rich harmony and add searing leads of his own.

For an insight Jarle’s style and approach to songwriting, check out his ‘Sweeping Harmony’ Lesson for Guitar Messenger, where he uses part of his song ‘Event Horizon‘ to demonstrate the fusion of advanced technique with strong melodic composition and arrangement – or head over to his website, where you can listen to an album teaser and order Quadrasonic directly from Jarle.

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