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PERIPHERY Releases ICARUS EP, Posts Webisode & Announces Drum Performance

April 19th, 2011

There is no doubt that PERIPHERY are innovators, and guitarist Misha Mansoor is being hailed by industry experts and his peers as one of the main purveyors of this current Djent movement that is feverishly spreading throughout the progressive circles. Check out the new issue of Guitar World on stands now to view the band’s striking five-page feature and to view a special instructional lesson series with Misha that can only be accessed via the CD Rom in the magazine.

The group’s much anticipated new Icarus EP is now available in stores everywhere. This offering features a brand new unreleased track, bonus tracks from their previous album, a series of remixes and video clips. Its official track listing is below. Also, watch above or click on the link below to check out a new video interview where Mansoor and Jake Bowen (guitars) describe how this EP came together:

Bowen states: “We are very excited to unleash the new Icarus EP on the world. It’s been a very busy year for us so far and we hope the EP will hold everyone over until we finish writing and recording our new record.

“In show news, we’re excited to say that we’ve been given the great opportunity to play this year’s Sonisphere Festival in the UK. Needless to say, we’re very stoked to go back to the UK to play for fans old and new, and to share the stage with some of the world’s greatest bands.

“We’re also extremely grateful to have such strong support from all of our friends at Guitar World – make sure you check out the newest issue to see what gear we’re using and read what they have to say about the “Djent” movement. Matt Halpern, our drummer, will also be appearing and performing live on with Terry Bozzio on April 29th at 4pm PST, so make sure to log on for that.

“It’s crazy to see 2011 is moving so fast, but there is plenty more in store for PERIPHERY coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open! Talk soon.”

Halpern further comments: “I couldn’t be more excited for this amazing opportunity to hang out and jam with one of the best drummers that has ever lived. I’ve followed and Terry Bozzio for a long time now, and I’m humbled to be performing in the same studio as some of the greatest drummers who have ever lived. Terry, who will be hosting the broadcast, is one of the most well known, super creative and insanely well respected drummers in the world. I’ve sat down and traded licks with tons of amazing drummers over the years, but I gotta say, i’m REALLY looking forward to this one! Make sure you tune in to, next Friday, April 29th at 4PM PST (7PM EST) for the free live performance.”

Very rarely does a band come along that defies the boundaries of conventionality, but the experimental, progressive metal outfit PERIPHERY have done just that and have blazed a trail of originality that has sent a shockwave throughout the metal world. Head over to for additional information.

The Icarus Lives EP – Official Track Listing

New Groove (Instrumental)
Icarus Lives
Icarus Lives – Fan/Contest Winner Remix
Icarus Lives – Zedd Remix
Icarus Lives – Bulb Remix
Jetpacks Was Yes v2.0
Captain On
Frak The Gods

Icarus Lives
Jetpacks Was Yes v2.0
+ Icarus Lives behind the scenes footage

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