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ORDER SCAR GUITAR TODAY! Per Nilsson’s Guitar Instructional DVD

December 10th, 2012

SCAR GUITAR: Per Nilsson’s Guitar Instructional DVD



Scar Guitar - Guitar Instructional DVD with Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry


Over 2 hours of lessons and performances, in-depth interviews,
& bonus materials: behind the scenes footage, jam sessions,
& the mandatory blooper reel!

The accompanying 50-page booklet contains thorough
tablature transcriptions of all exercises and songs.

  • When is this video shipping?

    • All existing orders will be shipped within the next few days. New orders will ship before the end of the week.

  • Xaver Schiffels

    Still waiting for my DVD, losing patience…Got something wrong with my order?

    • Hey Xaver – every order has been shipped, including ones placed today. You should have received a confirmation message with your shipping info at the e-mail you provided us. E-mail me at ivan @ (no spaces) with your PayPal receipt and I’ll double check for you. Thanks!

      • Xaver Schiffels

        Allright spamfilter is to blame, thanks.

  • Magnus Fredriksson

    Great video!
    But I think you should have included the booklet as pdf also.

    • Thanks, glad you dig it! We might have a PDF available some day, but at this point it was a deliberate decision to only offer the print version.

  • nta

    Friendly suggestion: this is 2013. People can (legally) buy and download multitude of videos on the internet (movies, instructionnal videos, etc.). Instead of making people wait and pay shipping fees, why not offer a way for users to simply pay to have access to a link where they can download the video (and booklet) ? I’m confident this would also help your sales…

    • Ivan Chopik

      We are working on making several selection from the DVD available in digital format. Stay tuned!

  • Wagner Silva

    Any news about the digital version of this video lesson?

    • guitarmessenger

      Not yet. I’m working on a larger subscription section launch sometime in the fall, which would include portions of Scar Guitar, but the full version will stay in DVD format. I’ll be sure to make some posts here and on our social media channels once there are some concrete plans.

      • Wagner Silva

        How much will it cost to send the DVD here in Brazil, counting the cost of shipping? And how long the DVD arrives?

        • guitarmessenger

          Shipping is $12 so the total comes out to $37. International shipping takes roughly 2-3 weeks.

          • Wagner Silva

            Thanks, man.

          • Wagner Silva

            I bought mine today. I would like to know if I did the order right. May you check out to me? I send the the payment confirmation to

          • guitarmessenger

            You’re all set. Thanks for your order!