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Prog-Metal band THE DEADSTATION Release EP Mastered By JENS BOGREN

August 16th, 2012

Deadstation CoverBoston progressive-metallers The Deadstation released their debut EP “Episode 01: Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss” recently as a free digital download, which can be found at HERE. Mastering duties were handled by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden.

Bogren is known for working with numerous high-profile progressive metal acts including Devin Townsend Project, Opeth, James LaBrie, Symphony X, and Katatonia. For mixing, the band enlisted Peter Rutcho of Damage Productions, who is best known for producing three studio albums for Revocation.

According to guitarists/bandleaders Shjon Thomas and Ryan Mattheu, the EP contains “26 minutes of epic hard-rock-infused metal with a progressive edge.” The band presents its albums to listeners as “episodes” from a fictional dystopian TV channel called “The Deadstation,” with each song title representing a different scene from that episode.

Shjon Thomas commented further, “Episode 01 is about putting everything you have on the line, and failing… it’s the kind of failure that progresses very slowly though, so that you’re completely aware of it as its taking place. It’s the type of situation where you feel something awful is about to happen, but you are powerless to stop it.

The beast is too big to be stopped. Instead of taking action, you just stand back and watch everything go wrong. That feeling of impending doom is something that we really tried to represent, sonically, in certain sections.  I feel like this EP has a fearful vibe to it, as a result… as if it’s afraid of something.”




1. Hundred Foot Drop
2. Subsistence Defined
3-6. Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss:
I. Drugs For Pain Inside
II. August 4th – 3:21 A.M.
III. Anything But This… Anywhere But Here
IV. I Cannot Explain Myself Anymore
7. Slowly, But Surely, I’m Drowning

The Deadstation released a free non-album single in February 2012 entitled “Limitless, Or So It Seems,” which was mixed/mastered by Peter Rutcho of Damage Productions. A free high-quality download of the single can be found at The band is also known for a Meshuggah/Def Leppard parody mash-up entitled “Pour Some MESHUGGAH On Me”, which was featured on in March 2012.

Shjon Thomas – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ryan Mattheu – Guitar
Greg Murphy – Lead Vocals, Drums
Nathaniel Rendon – Keyboards (as guest performer)