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Motörhead – The Wörld is Yours

Motörhead – The Wörld is Yours

February 25th, 2011 by

Motorhead - The World Is Yours

With many bands trying too hard to reinvent their image and sound, it’s refreshing to come across such consistency. The Wörld is Yours, Motörhead’s twentieth studio album, has no surprises in store for listeners, but instead pays homage to the signature sound Lemmy and comrades have created over the past three decades: momentous rock n’ roll that is free of pretention, and full of energy and passion.

The album begins with the thundering anthem ‘Born To Lose.’ Drummer Mikkey Dee opens up the song before being joined by guitarist Phil Campbell and, of course, the indestructible and utterly incomparable Lemmy Kilmister.

At 65 years old, Lemmy’s gravelly vocals are still legendary – the perfect complement to Motörhead’s churning, heavy guitar and pounding, aggressive drums. For the next nine tracks, Motörhead proves that they are as gritty and brazen as ever, laying to rest any caustic rumors to the contrary.

As far as themes are concerned, Motörhead sticks with what they know best: defying authority, expectations and whatever else gets in their way. On the pulverizing ‘Get Back In Line,’ it’s clear that time hasn’t made Lemmy any more receptive to the idea of organized religion as he growls: ‘If you think that Jesus saves, get back in line!’

Often quoted as being displeased with their classification in the ‘heavy metal’ genre, Lemmy’s preference for being considered ‘hard rock’ is made blatantly clear with ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music,’ a blues-infused track that’s as catchy as it is classic, and a perfect example of how effective an exceptional rhythm section can be.

The fired-up and furious ‘I Know What You Need’ prefaces the last track, aptly titled ‘Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye,’ a raging send-off with a sense of humor. Unrestrained guitar solos, bone-crushing drums, and colossal sound provide the consummate ending to the song, and for the length of the album there is not a shred of sentimentality or placidity to be found.

The Wörld is Yours is evidence that Motörhead still has what it takes to release genuine rock n’ roll. Their undeniable command of their instruments is only one aspect of their strength as a band. With this album, Motörhead has remained true to themselves by delivering loud, honest music to their grateful fans.

Motörhead – The Wörld is Yours

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