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Ola Englund Lesson – Downpicking

January 25th, 2014

 [Ola’s signature Washburn Solar guitar is tuned down one step to D Standard: D G C F A D.]

Ola On Downpicking

A very common question I get about my guitar playing is, ‘How do you get your picking so clear when you do rhythm stuff?’ Something I do when I train is, if I have a lick that’s strictly alternate picking, I’ll also try to play it using only downpicking. Whenever I learn a riff,  I also practice it using only downstrokes. If you play a simple riff, a simple chug, it will always sound better using only downstrokes, whereas if you play it [with alternate picking], it kind of loses its attack. Downpicking all the time is more fierce.

Ola Englund - Downpicking


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[Special thanks to Chris Dingman and Alexander Pierce for their video work, Chris for his additional editing assistance, and Paul Schneider for his transcriptions!]

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