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Jamming With Eric Krasno

July 16th, 2010

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In the following examples, Eric demonstrates his dynamic style while improvising over two stellar grooves.

Interlude (Soulive – Break Out, 2005)

This first riff is taken from ‘Interlude,’ the opening track from Soulive’s 2005 release Break Out. Be sure to lay back on the beat – as usual, Krasno’s excellent timing and articulations turn this harmonically simple riff into an essay on groove.

Soulive - Interlude

Up And Out (Eric Krasno – Reminisce, 2010)

The two chords from the main vamp of ‘Up And Out,’ from Krasno’s solo album Reminisce, lay the groundwork for the shifting leads that dominate the track. Since the chords don’t fit neatly into one key, this progression calls for two separate soloing approaches, which Eric demonstrates in this video.

Eric Krasno - Up And Out

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