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Steve Morse Bonus: Gear Gallery

October 20th, 2009

Steve Morse’s live rig from the Out Standing In Their Field tour. These pictures were taken on October 20th, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the full-size images:

Steve Morse - Full Rig - by Ivan Chopik - Medium

Steve Morse’s Complete Rig

Steve Morse Amps - by Ivan Chopik

Steve Morse’s Signature Engl Amps

Steve Morse - Rack - by Ivan Chopik

Steve Morse’s Rack Gear

Steve Morse Pedalboard - by Ivan Chopik

Steve Morse’s Pedalboard

Steve Morse Picks - by Ivan Chopik

Steve Morse’s Picks

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    • William Dillson

      Funny that you ask about Steve’s new delays from Electro-Harmonix (I remember he can’t use the old Lexicons because he can no longer get parts, etc.) Well, those two light green rack units with the four red knobs on the right side are Lexicon PCM 41 delays, probably rigged for short and long delays just like the old days. Can you explain this?

      • I’m thinking that Steve has separate rigs for his work with Deep Purple and other projects. Good eye on the Lexicon units in this rig. I remember reading somewhere a while back that he was looking into new delays and then I saw him performing with DP where he appeared to have different delay units than the Lexicon’s – probably the Electro-Harmonix ones that he mentioned in the our interview.

  • William Dillson

    Actually, this appears to be Steve’s old rig with new Engl amps. He has the Eventide GTR-4000 Harmonizer, the Ensoniq ESQ-M Synth, the Lexicon delays, a Digitech DSP-128, OSC amp, etc. – most stuff from the mid-late 80’s! I believe he used to use a Peavey 5150 and a Marshall with this rig in the old days. He used Ampeg V-4’s and a similar rig in the really old days. Guess this stuff is fairly bulletproof if he’s been using it for 25+ years – gigging musicians take note!

  • Jip Vollema

    Thank you Ivan for the interview with Steve Morse. He is my biggest influence!

  • Matt

    Does anyone have an idea what brand the little 4 channel line mixer is?