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Acoustic Guitar Virtuoso JON GOMM Releases Album ‘SECRETS NOBODY KEEPS’ + First New Video In 2 Years

November 25th, 2013

A special message from Jon Gomm: 

Hello everyone! I’m really happy to announce that Secrets Nobody Keeps is out today, and so is my first new YouTube video for nearly 2 years! The song is called Telepathy:

Thanks to all the Pledgers and everybody else on social networks and in real life, whose relentless support and enthusiasm has kept me going through making this album. PLEASE use your power by sharing this video on your facebook or twitter, or just telling your friends about it. You did it with Passionflower and it changed my life.
You can buy the song, album, guitar tab, t-shirts, posters and gift packs, from my website: The album is also on iTunesAmazon UK, and pretty much every music download store. It’s not on Spotify or other streaming apps though – sorry.

Online Launch Gig: I couldn’t decide where to hold a launch gig for the album, so I’ve decided to have it on the Internet, so anybody on Earth could watch it. I’m using a platform called StageIt. Tickets are Pay What You Want and all proceeds go to ChapELFM, a project to build the first ever arts centre/music venue in East Leeds, the grimy place I call my home. Sunday December 1st, 8pm UK time (which is noon in LA, 6pm in Rio, 9pm in Berlin) Tickets here:

I also have a few things lined up for 2014, including a visit to The Isle of Man in January, my first ever gig in Paris in March, and a tour of South America in April. Loads more touring action will be announced soon, as always information is on my website:

OK, I hope you enjoy my new music! I have more videos almost ready to launch so I’ll be in touch again soon. Thank you for supporting a stubbornly independent musician,


P.S. Massive thanks to everyone who came out to a gig on the UK tour – 30 dates, 28 sold out. Completely wonderful and baffling. :)

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Jon’s 2011 single, Passionflower: 

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