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NAMM 2014: Bohemian Guitars

NAMM 2014: Bohemian Guitars

January 23rd, 2014 by

Ivan Chopik talks with brothers Adam and Shaun Lee about their company Bohemian Guitars at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, CA. Guitarist Brandon Massey demonstrates some of the sounds these guitars can create! Check out the video above and then click on the image thumbnails below to see full-size pictures of our Bohemian Guitars gallery.


Bohemian Guitars’ mission is to build funky, unique, and innovative sounding instruments out of unconventional materials for real, everyday use. Passionate about art, music and community outreach, Bohemian Guitars puts a creative spin on a timeless and classic instrument—the guitar—offering a refreshing and inspirational change of pace to the music and art scene.

The inspiration behind the oil can guitar comes from the resourceful residents from the townships in South Africa who re-purpose used materials into playable instruments. Through Bohemian Guitars, brothers, Adam and Shaun Lee, who spent their childhood growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, are able to share a piece of their homeland and spread the joy created by the beautiful sounds of oil can guitars with musicians and artists all over the world.


Click thumbnails to view full-size pictures:

[Special thanks to Chris Dingman and Alexander Pierce for their fantastic video work!]

NAMM 2014: Bohemian Guitars

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