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NAMM 2014: Strandberg Guitarworks

NAMM 2014: Strandberg Guitarworks

January 25th, 2014 by

Ivan Chopik talks with Ola Strandberg of Strandberg Guitarworks and Astral EXR Systems at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, CA. Check out the video above and then click on the image thumbnails below to see full-size pictures from our gallery.


Strandberg Guitarworks is committed to innovation. We continuously strive towards new solutions that address the needs of guitarists today. The global musician community is engaged in the design process. The process is public and documented on-line. The results are licensed under Creative Commons Share-And-Share-Alike 3.0 Licensing.

Ola Strandberg built about a dozen instruments (guitars and basses) between 1984 and 1993 and worked at Uppsala Musikverkstad and HBL (the Swedish Charvel/Jackson distributor) as a guitar technician for several years. He also played in a number of local bands. He originally trained to become a mechanical engineer and worked as such for several years, acquiring CAD/CAM skills, as well as extensive experience of product development and prototype machining of components, but has since moved on to the software industry. Development of the Ergonomic Guitar System started in 2007.

From Astral EXR Systems:

Astral EXR Systems is a company founded by experienced, like minded individuals with the intent of significantly pushing the envelope of innovation in guitar, bass & signal processing. As we pass our first 6 months of operations and prepare for 2014, AES is ready to continue on the path we started on and accelerate our pace of innovation.

AES is the coming together of Ola Strandberg, Allan Marcus and Paul De Maio. Three great friends who all share a passion for music, no compromise design and constant innovation. Together we have set out to establish ourselves as a leading manufacturer of next generation, ergonomic and purpose designed guitars and basses for modern musicians. AES is the global distributor of the .strandberg* production instrument series, as well their manufacturing in alliance with the second longest established guitar company in the world… Washburn Guitars USA.

For 2014, we are pleased to announce updated specs for the Boden7 & Boden8 series, as well as the addition of the Boden6 series. All Boden series guitars now feature flame maple tops and have several optional stain finishes available. In addition, we are thrilled to announce a new signature series designed in collaboration with our good friend, Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry, resulting in the first .strandberg* production instrument to feature a non-chambered body, a custom pickguard, unique pickup configuration, 27 frets, optional True Temperament, and also an amazing swirl finish done in collaboration with Livewire Guitars.

We are also very proud to announce the launch of a new partnership with True Temperament becoming the first company to offer the True Temperament Fretting System in production series guitars in the world.


Click thumbnails to view full-size pictures:

[Special thanks to Chris Dingman and Alexander Pierce for their fantastic video work!]

NAMM 2014: Strandberg Guitarworks

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